Unlock the Violin Case 首席琴盒的秘密


NSO X TSO X KSO三大交響樂團首席琴盒大揭秘!


NSO X TSO X KSO三大交響樂團首席琴盒大揭秘!

“Mine must be the most flashy violin case of all.”
“That’s all about this case. I’ve already tried my best to stretch things.”
Open violin cases of three concertmasters in Taiwan to find out their secrets.


精湛琴藝屢獲國際樂壇肯定,包括榮獲Musicorda Concerto Competition首獎、Fischoff International Chamber Music Competition銀牌;亦受邀參加泛太平洋音樂節(1998)、坦格鎢音樂節(­2000)、德國什列斯威-霍爾斯坦音樂節(2001)。除樂團演奏之外,李宜錦亦致­力於推廣現代音樂及涉獵各領域演出,致力推廣音樂到每個角落。

LI, I-Ching

Having completed both bachelor and master degree with academic honor at the New England Conservatory, I-Ching Li started her position at the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan first as the associate concertmaster in 2002, and since 2004 became to serve as the concertmaster. Her virtuosic performances had garnered her top prizes at numerous competitions in the States and Asia, both as a soloist and chamber musician. She is excited about the prospect of developing her skills as an artist and collaborating with musicians both locally and abroad.


先後畢業於國立藝專(現為臺灣藝術大學)及臺北藝術大學音樂研究所。曾兩度與指揮大師­Sergiu Comissiona與亞洲青年管弦樂團巡迴世界各地演出,為臺灣當今最活躍的小提琴­家之一。

Roger Chih-I CHIANG

Roger Chih-i CHIANG is concertmaster of the Taipei Symphony Orchestra and principal conductor of the TSO Chamber Orchestra. As a child, he was inspired by his teacher LIU Hsien-chuo, and later studied with HSIEH Chung-ping, RAO Chia-lin, LIAO Nien-fu and CHIEN Ming-yen. In 1994, CHIANG won the TSO Violin Concerto Competition. After graduating from National Taiwan University of Arts and National Taipei University of the Arts’ Institute of Musicology, he toured the world with the Asian Youth Orchestra under the direction of maestro Sergiu Comissiona. He has often been invited to serve as guest concertmaster for Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra, New Taipei City Symphony Orchestra, Eurasia Chamber Orchestra and Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, making him one of Taiwan’s most active violinists


於德國就讀德特蒙音樂院(Hochschule für Musik Detmold),師從義大利小提琴家Marco Rizzi。在德期間任德特蒙歌劇院第二小提琴首席(Landestheater Detmold),並成為中提琴名家今井信子(Nobuko Imai)之室內樂夥伴。曾受Erick Friedman、Gerald Poulet等多位大師個別指導。

Jimmy Chih-Chang HSUEH

In 2000, further his studies at Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Germany under the guidance of the renowned Italian violinist Marco Rizzi. He was awarded the Künstlerische Diplom in 2003 and then immediately enrolled in Konzertexam course. HSUEH won first prize in both the Taipei National University of Arts Strings Competition and in the 2nd Taiwan Concerto Competition, and also semi-finalist in the 36th Tibor Varga International Violin Competition held in Switzerland. Since September 2012 HSUEH became the first Concertmaster of Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra.



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